So I’ve not posted anything in quite a while, I’ve been quite busy with college and work. The great thing is I have a tonne of stuff to write about (I’ll try post about everything over the next few days). To start off, over the summer I visited Turkey for the first time and absolutely loved it! While we were there we tried to visit as many tourist sites as we could. The first site we visited was Pamukkale Travertenleri, and it was for sure the best trip we went on, not just for the value for money (well worth the 95TL), but the experience was mesmerizing. I mean driving up to the site was amazing but you don’t realise what’s actually there, what’s behind the gates. It’s a huge plot of land with tonnes of historical information on it. One of the best parts was the calcium baths, looking out onto the beautiful valley while laying in a warm 55 degrees Celsius bath – that’s great for the skin by the way – who could ask for a better way to relax.

Calcium Baths

After we were finished relaxing we went for a tour round the historical sites, the architecture was absolutely stunning even though a lot of it is ruins it’s still totally captivating. The thing that stands out in my head the most was the carvings, it’s just jaw dropping. I mean I love modern architecture but it sure as hell isn’t the same as Roman/Greek architecture, it’s just crazy to think how long just one of these pillars would’ve taken, I would say a theater nowadays would take maybe a year, 2 years to build, but back then with no modern technology and processes a theater would of taken around 15 years (not fact just information from our tour guide).



The day after Pamukkale we went on a full day out visiting 3 different sites related to Ephesus; Didyma, Priene and Miletus. Even though we were roasting and sweaty (yuck), visiting these sites made the last day for one of the guys memorable.


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The Creative Eye

We’ve started a few knew projects in college since I last posted (in November, it’s been quite a while) but I’m back and hopefully I’ll try and get a few posts up each month to build my blog up a bit more!

Our most recent project with my lecturer marissa is all about the creative process, and designing a sign for an up an coming workshop development in the Vale of Leven. It started off the most confusing thing I’ve ever done in my life – and to be quite honest it still kind of is – but I’m enjoying it, it’s certainly a little different. So basically we researched 2 well known architects – Frank Gehry (The Museum of Tolerance) and Page and Park (The Maggie Centre) Architects – and how they worked through their designs, this was definitely the bit I struggled with the most trying piece together their thought process, but it has helped me hell of a lot when working through the rest of the project.

After all our research we started our development work which consisted of a range of stimulus images relating to the West Dunbartonshire area, we then selected the best to take forward and develop further. Some of the results I got were amazing…


Continuous line drawing of Dumbarton rock. It’s so hard trying not to take the pen off the paper but hey ho… the final result it worth the frustration!


Stained glass drawing of Loch Lomond using 3 shapes and 3 colours, really simple but effective!


Pointolism drawing of Balloch Castle extremely confusing but amazing result! Ideal to show tone!

The next stage is to come up with 2 concepts which we will then evaluate and select 1 to take forward and develop further. Hopefully the results will follow soon!

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Autumn Crafts!

I always love looking at new, crazy projects I can do in my (very little) free time, recently I just finished making a range of Christmas inspired baubles to sell at a local fair. So now that that’s finished I need something else to fill the spare time I have. Well here’s my new winter project, autumn lanterns!


These cute little jars are just stunning! They’re so pretty and unique, they’d look amazing in various sizes, sitting on the windowsill in the porch, while its horrible and dark outside, it would make the house so much more like a home! They would also make lovely, thoughtful Christmas presents, if like me you’re on a budget for Christmas this year!

They’re so simple and easy to make, my 6 year old niece could probably have a good crack at it! All you need is an old jar, brown string, art potch, PVA glue and leaves.

Start off by covering a section of the jar in art potch – which is a decoupage varnish and glue – place a leaf on top and then cover the leaf in art potch and repeat the process until your jar is covered in as many leaves as you’d like, then leave the jar to dry over night. Once it is dry put some PVA glue around the edge of the top of the jar and stick your string to it. And you’re DONE!!! See I told you it was easy!

Go on have a go, you’ll thank me later once you’ve seen the fished product.

Final IKEA Board


This is my final presentationĀ board for IKEA. If you have looked at the rest of my blog you will notice my developmentĀ process through this project. As you can see I have went with idea 2 for my final, the reason I chose to go for idea 2 was because I felt the design had more personality about it, I felt that it reflected my clients better than idea 1. At the beginningĀ I was all set for going for idea 1, I loved it, I loved the colours, I loved the furniture, I loved the real ivy hanging in the corner, however once it came down to it I remembered what we were told at the start of term; it doesn’t matter if you like it, it’s what your client wants, if you do like it it’s just an added bonus! So for me idea 1 didn’t really reflect my client’s personality enough to make their house a home, their first home!

I feel that my design meets my brief to the best of my ability. It has colour, it has style, it has a upcycled object, it has elements of the outdoors, it has technical elements, it has eco-friendly/sustainable elements, it has everything a first home needs!!

Functional or Display Tables?

I found some really amazing examples of tables while I was collecting some research for one of my projects at college. I don’t know if I would have the will power to use some of them, they’re so sleek and interesting, that they really just belong in a show home, not a house with kids and a dog running around!

This has to be my favourite example, it is absolutely stunning, it reminds me of the deep tourqoise sea in a really hot place like the Maldives or the Bahamas! The black bulky structure really helps to add to that feeling of a never ending paradise! Truly amazing, but not one for the average household!


Here’s one example that I found that I would consider putting in my own house it’s definitely at lot more functional than my first example!


It’s ripple effect would really help to create a focal point for a room, it would add that finishing touch to the perfect interior! From this angle I think the table looks a bit like an elephant!

Or imagine having this as your side table for your coffee and morning paper


With an addition of a lamp, at night this table could turn your boring living room into a lush, relaxing heaven! Definitely one to keep an eye out for!

All my images came from the same site on Facebook I’ve been talking about on my last few posts; Architecture and Design. They are definitely worth checking out!!!

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Architecture at its best!!

So I follow this really great site on Facebook called Architecture & Design, and some of their posts are so inspirational it’s unbelievable! They post everything from amazing upcycling ideas to customised interiors.

But their latest post has got me going crazy for architecture. They posted amazing images of The Lotus Building in Wujin China, KA. I mean just look at it, if this doesn’t make you drool then you’ve got to be crazy!!!





It’s just beautifully stunning, but I’m a total sucker for flowers and everything to do with them, call me too girly but I don’t care this building is an absolute beauty!!!!

If you’re wanting to go and check them out here is the link for their face book page; https://m.facebook.com/ArchiDesiign

Go on you’ll be blown away with the amazing ideas they post!

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Amazing Wall Art!!

So I was just flicking through Facebook when I found this little Web link advertising 3D wall art, so I decided to take a look, and some of the ideas I found truely are amazing!!! Here are some of the ideas that I found the most inspirational, and what I’d love to try out sometime in the near future… image How amazing are these flowers, these would go great in our living room at home! Or this paper origami bird curtain…. image I think this may take more than a couple of days maybe a few months or a year but it would definitely be worth it for sure! I’ll leave at they 2 images for now because I don’t want to spoil it for you why not go take a look for yourself at homeesthetics.net the topic is 20 Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor!! Posted from WordPress for Android by Stephanie Thomson